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Our congregation is more than 180 years old. That's an amazing track record! Through those years the church has flourished at times, and also stumbled in some of its ministry endeavors. Babies have been dedicated, couples have married, funerals have honored many lives, and countless baptisms are listed and celebrated. The church has survived.

Jesus said the gates of hell would not hold sway over his Church. How does that work in the 21st century? What are some characteristics of a healthy congregation that help the church plan for 180 years of additional ministry? What's your role in that long-term plan?

Built Up: Solitude

August 26th, 2018
Brian Talty

Built Up: Discipleship

August 19th, 2018
Jonathan Grunden

Built Up: Worship

August 12th, 2018
Wayne Kent

Built Up: Characteristics of a Healthy Church

August 5th, 2018
Wayne Kent

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