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I'm not patient at times, and there are days when kindness is not my first response either. Maybe you feel the same. We can do better.

The bible gives an approach to life to help all of us deal with others more effectively and with more grace. It's called the Fruit of the Spirit. These nine traits for healthy and productive living will make others want to hang around you. Join us and learn how to put them into practice!

During this sermon series, we want everyone to memorize Galatians 5:25, "Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit."

To help you memorize this verse, we've provided the following resources just for you!

The 9: Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control

May 12th, 2019
Wayne Kent

The 9: Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness

May 5th, 2019
Heather Vance

The 9: Love, Joy, Peace

April 28th, 2019
Wayne Kent

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