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Leviticus - yep that’s the Old Testament book you usually skip over when reading the Bible. It is full of smoke and fire and blood — very messy indeed. However, there’s a life code described between the written lines, a life code of order and worship. Learn how to read, study, and experience Leviticus, a ancient book for contemporary spirituality.

Since Leviticus can be a little intimidating, below you'll find a reading plan and Bible Project and RightNow Media resources that help explain Leviticus in a clear, concise way.

Reading Plan

Read along with us! Check out this very doable reading plan to help you chug along through the Book of Leviticus. We also have some helpful downloadable and printable resources you can use.

  • Week of May 10:  Read Chapters 1-7
  • Week of May 17:  Read Chapters 8-10
  • Week of May 24:  Read Chapters 11-15
  • Week of May 31:  Read Chapter 16
  • Week of June 7:  Read Chapters 17-26

Bible Project: Overview of Leviticus

May 7th, 2021

Bible Project: Leviticus

May 7th, 2021
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