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Throughout history, Christians have treated the days leading up to Easter as a special and spiritually significant time of year. It is a season of creating more time in your day to reflect on Jesus — his life, sacrifice, death, resurrection, and the invitation to follow Him.

All over the world, Christians practice this through the disciplines of PRAYER and FASTING. This year let’s together — as a church — create time to pray and fast as we reflect on our need and appreciation for Jesus.

Below you will find a list of ways you can PRAY and FAST. Choose how you want to reflect on Jesus in the days leading up to Easter.


Reflecting on the words of God and spending time in His Presence

Choose one of the following:

“For the next 40 days, I will...”

  • Start and end my day by reciting the Lord’s Prayer
  • Sit in silence with God for 10 minutes twice a day (morning and evening)
  • Read through the Psalms
  • Pray for a different country of the world every day
  • Read through one of the four gospels
  • Pray for at least one different friend, neighbor, or family member every day
  • Other


Temporarily removing something from your life and reflecting on God in its absence

Choose one of the following:

“For the next 40 days, I will...”

  • Give up sweets
  • Skip one meal a day
  • Fast from all food one day a week
  • Give up any drink other than water
  • Delete social media from my phone
  • Not watch TV
  • Other

Video Devos

Each week, we'll upload a new devotional video that will go deeper with the various themes and history of 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting.

Questions? Contact Adam Hamerlinck, Discipleship Pastor, at ahamerlinck@firstdecatur.org or call/text (217) 875-3350.