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Samuel: It’s Complicated – Week 2

Last weekend, Pastor Josh continued the Samuel series by unpacking 1 Samuel 7. If you missed the sermon, watch it here.


Pastor Josh talked about God’s faithfulness to his people, and that over and over again God’s people forgot what he had done for them, wandered away, and eventually came to moments of repentance. As we read the Bible and see how God provided for his people, it can be difficult to understand how they could forget. Yet when we look back, we can see moments of God’s provision and faithfulness in our lives, and still we are prone to replace our trust in God with worry, fear, and the idols of our culture.

  • As you look back on your life, think about the moments you have seen God show up. Take a minute to make a list of these and to thank God for his faithfulness in your journey.
  • Take a moment to reflect on the times in your life when you did not put your trust in God. What circumstances lead to those moments?  How would you describe your trust in God’s faithfulness right now?  Is there anything in your life that you need to repent of right now?


When the people worshipped God and Samuel cried out before him, God showed up in a major way (verse 8).  Pastor Josh talked about Herve’s adoption as a time in his life when he cried out to God. In this situation, God’s response was not instantaneous, but he was still faithful to respond.

  • We all have situations, relationships, and circumstances of life we cry out to God for. What circumstances are you currently crying out to God about? Do you believe he will show up? Are there things in your life you should be crying out about that you aren’t? Why not? Take minute to reflect, and if there is something you need to cry out to God about, take time to do that.


As Pastor Josh explained, the final verses of Chapter 7 speak deeply of Samuel’s faithfulness. Year after year, Samuel went to the same four cities and served as a judge. While serving God has moments of extreme fun, often faithful service requires a willingness to do the same things over and over again with joy and excellence. Faithfulness isn’t glamorous, but it is beautiful. As God is faithful to us, we should also be faithful to him.

  • How are you serving faithfully? What have you learned about faithfulness as you serve?
  • Moving forward, what does faithfulness toward God look like in your life?


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