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Saturday, July 27, 2019

JumpStart Back-to-School Clinic is a free medical clinic open to all students in our community. We provide free school physicals, dental exams, and other screenings. In 2018, we served 513 kids, 360 families.

If you have any questions regarding JumpStart, contact Amanda Elven at aelven@firstdecatur.org or 217.875.3350.

Become volunteer!

It takes a lot of volunteers to help make JumpStart a success. The following are specific roles that will be involved:

  • Family Advocate
    Each family that enters the clinic will have a Family Advocate to help them move through the clinic and receive the services they need. Advocates will serve as a guide, help fill out paperwork, and be a personal connection to the clinic.
  • Family & Pediatric Provider (Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners)
    These are the medical professionals who will administer school physicals for the students ranging from Pre-K to 18. Each provider will have their own exam room for administering physicals. The vitals and subjective portion of the physical will be completed before seeing the provider. If a provider is only available for a portion of the day, they may serve either 9am-1pm or noon-3pm. Providers are encouraged to serve the entire day if possible.
  • Nurses & Nursing Assistants (RNs, LPNs, CNAs, Nursing Students, and other health professionals)
    Nurses will collect vitals information, assist parents in completing the subjective portion of the school physical, and answer health questions. Nurses may also be asked to serve as Advocates for families with special medical needs or if additional advocates are needed.
  • Dental Professionals (Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants)
    Dentists will administer basic dental exams for students in order to meet State Dental Exam requirements, along with noting issues for follow-up. Each dentist will be assisted by an assistant to do charting.
  • Support Staff
    Members of the support staff team will work behind the scenes to create a great environment, address building issues, and support the other clinic volunteers. Tasks include hospitality roles, building set-up and rearranging, refreshing exam rooms, refreshing restrooms and lunchroom, parking-lot help, and moving supplies.


If you'd like to be involved with JumpStart 2019, contact Amanda Elven at aelven@firstdecatur.org or 217.875.3350.

JumpStart Back-to-School Clinic is a ministry of First Christian Church.