Worship Arts


Arts - Choir ThumbnailThe FCC Choir rehearses weekly and sings regularly for weekend services during the ministry season (generally September though May). Members are required to be able to carry a tune and make it to rehearsals and services regularly. Interested? Contact Stephanie at scampbell@firstdecatur.org.

Vocal Team

Arts - Vocal Team ThumbnailOur vocal teams are groups of 3-5 singers. Members are required to be able to hold their own part in a small ensemble and attend rehearsals. Vocal teams are scheduled on a monthly rotation. Interested? Contact Lacey at lphillips@firstdecatur.org.


Arts - Band ThumbnailThe band makes use of all instruments from a basic rhythm section to orchestral. Since we like to do a wide variety of styles and we value excellence in our efforts, we ask that our band members know how to read music or have a willingness to learn. Players are generally on a monthly rotation based on availability. Interested? Contact Bill at bcunningham@firstdecatur.org.

Tech Crew

FCC's tech crew runs all of the technical elements for our worship services and special events. Such elements include audio, video, lights, stage management and set design. Training is provided. Interested? Contact Fred at fsaurmann@firstdecatur.org.

Student Life Band

Arts - The Well ThumbnailStudent Life focuses on junior and senior high students. The junior high and senior high have their own worship services lead by their own bands. These bands primarily consist of teenagers and college students. Interested? Contact Thomas at thagan@firstdecatur.org.

The Arts Academy

The Arts Academy of First Christian Church provides free worship arts training to people in our community in hopes of raising up the church artists of tomorrow. Questions? Contact Anita at agifford@firstdecatur.org.