Wednesday Night Equip

It’s the mission of First Christian Church to develop devoted followers of Jesus Christ by growing and serving together. Wednesday night classes are a great way to learn more about God’s Word as well as connect with others just like you. Take the next step in your faith journey!

New six-week classes for all ages will begin Wednesday, October 3, 2018 from 6:30-8pm.

Online registration is now closed. However, if you are still interested or have a question, contact Jonathan at or 217.875.3350.

Equip - Sp2016 Dinner

Fall 2018 Classes


Biblical Feasts

The goal of Discipleship is to become more like Christ. It is only possible to do this if we consistently dig deeper and deeper into God’s Word, and allow it’s truth to transform us. To help us do that, this class will study the Feasts of the Old Testament, how they impact the New Testament, point to Messiah, and what that means for us today.
Led by Dave Campbell

Raising Girls

This class is based off the book by the same name. This informative, practical, and encouraging class will help you encourage your daughter, challenge her, love her, and help her discover who God is creating her to be.
Led by Heather Kaloupek, MSW, LCSW & Jonathan Grunden
Required Resource: Raising Girls by Melissa Trevathan and Sissy Goff

A Man & His Design
[ men ]

Discover God’s design for men with a clear definition and inspiring vision for Authentic Manhood. We will tackle the following topics: Manhood Realities, Create and Cultivate, Manhood Definition, King/Warrior, Lover/Friend, and Seasons.
Led by Brad Bjerke
Required Resources: 33 The Series Volume 1 Training Guide

Always True: God's Promises When Life Is Hard
[ women ]

God's promises are always true both in good times and difficult trials. James MacDonald, the author of this study, discovered that during an extended period of hardship. In this Bible Study, individuals will learn that they can trust God throughout all the circumstances of their lives.
Also offered Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:30am

Led by Debbie Sullivan
Required Resource: Always True: God's Promises When Life Is Hard Member Book

Leadership Study of Nehemiah
[ Lovington ]

Leadership. Some regard it with eagerness and ambition, others with fear and trepidation. Whether you recognize it or not, you are a leader in some form – whether leading an organization, a team, a ministry, your family, or even leading yourself! God instructed Nehemiah to lead the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls upon return from exile. This class through Nehemiah will show us what it takes to be a wise and godly leader. Childcare available.
Led by Brian Talty
Location:  FCC Lovington (301 S County St, Lovington)

Questions? Contact Pastor Jonathan Grunden at or 217.875.3350.