Coronavirus Update

Church In-Person and Online

Updated March 29, 2021

Circle - Mask

Wear a Mask

Circle - Hand Sanitizer

Use Antibacterial

Circle - 6 feet

Social Distancing

Join us for church... online or in person.

The leadership and staff of First Christian Church are committed to maintain care for both your physical and spiritual health. At present, we will continue to gather in person and online. We are carefully monitoring the situation and will make the decisions we deem best for our context as needed.

Saturday 5pm

  • Worship service in West Auditorium
  • Worship services live streamed online
  • FirstKids Birth-5th Grade programming

Sunday 9am

  • Worship services in West & East Auditoriums
  • Worship services live streamed online
  • FirstKids Birth-5th Grade programming (Zoom option available)

Sunday 11am

  • Worship services in West & East Auditoriums
  • Worship services live streamed online
  • FirstKids Birth-5th Grade programming

Check out our FirstKids and Student Life pages for more on their online ministries.

Note that the church building is open with office hours Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-5pm and Fridays from 8:30am-noon. Mosaic Café is open for limited dine in and curbside pick-up Monday-Friday 7-11am as well as Saturdays from 4:30-6:30pm and Sundays from 8am-12:30pm. Please wear a mask when you visit the church office and when ordering from the café.

If you choose to gather in person for worship, here is what you can expect:

  • Everyone who plans to attend worship should complete a self-check before arrival. This includes no temperature above 100.4 or not recently in contact with someone who has had COVID-19. If you or someone in your household is feeling sick, please join us for church online.
  • Masks are required while on the campus of First Christian Church. They can be taken off only to eat and drink. Disposable masks will be provided for those who forget one.
  • Please use hand sanitizer upon entrance. Multiple hand sanitizer stations are throughout the building.
  • Communion is self-serve in prepackaged containers.
  • Giving boxes are located in each venue to receive checks or cash.
  • Social distancing of six feet between individuals/family groups will be observed.
  • Ushers will assist individuals/family groups in each venue to be seated with a six-foot social distance between groups.
  • Each venue has been cleaned utilizing a Clorox T360 system. An airborne cleaning agent adheres to surfaces and kills viruses and bacteria within minutes. It is safe to enter the venue within two minutes of a cleaning cycle. Following each service, bathrooms and hard surfaces are cleaned, and the Clorox T360 system will sanitize each venue.
  • FirstKids Birth-5th Grade remains open. Masks are required for children age 2 and up and social distancing is maintained when possible.
  • Student Life for students in 6th to 12th grades meet on Sundays at 4:30-6pm. Masks are required and social distancing is maintained.

We are all learning how best to navigate the changes the pandemic has created in our world. We love the people of First Christian Church and ask for grace toward our leadership team and one another. If you have any questions, contact Lori Putnam at or 217.875.3350.

Church Online Devices Mockup - PCO Image


Saturday at 5pm
Sunday at 9am & 11am

We love the people of Decatur. We understand some are ready to come worship in person and others are not. Worship services are live streamed at Church Online Platform, YouTube, and Facebook Live. If you've never watched church online, scroll down for tips to a great online experience.

Visit the "What's Happening" page below for the latest news:

Tips for a Great Online Experience!

You can watch any of our worship services on our Church Online Platform on any device. A church online host is present during every worship service to answer any questions you may have as well as guide you through the worship service. A church online host can also pray with you privately through our online prayer chat. You can also interact with others watching church online. You can also watch our worship services on YouTube and Facebook Live.

    In order to prepare for the weekend services, consider creating a Church Online Platform account at in advance.
    You will need to have high-speed internet in order to have a smooth worship experience with no interruptions.
    Have a bible and pen/paper ready to take notes.
    This will help you have a wonderful worship experience.
    The video will begin with no audio so you will need to unmute it. There is a button in the lower right-hand corner of the video screen where you can unmute the audio.
    Participate in worship through giving in a secure, easy manner at

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact Lori Putnam at or 217.875.3350.