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Hello, and welcome to week seven of the Off the Shelf bible reading plan. This week, we conclude our two-week look at the Prophetic Books in the bible. As a reminder from last week, this section of the bible starts after the wisdom books and goes through the remainder of the Old Testament. In total, this section contains seventeen books. While these books come after the wisdom books in the bible, they are actually historical accounts and writings of the prophets that correlate to the time frame of the readings we did in week four.

Last week, we read from four different prophetic books. These four books are considered minor prophets. This week we are going to read from the major prophets, specifically the book of Isaiah. As a reminder, minor and major are terms that relate to the length of these books, not their value.

As we mentioned last week, prophets were God’s appointed messengers, sent to call his people to turn from their sin and return to right relationship with him. The books we read last week primarily dealt with judgment and destruction. While the book of Isaiah also contains prophetic warnings, it also includes a good deal of theology as well as prophecies about the coming Messiah.

DAY 1  |  Today we will read the first two chapters of the book of Isaiah. In these chapters, God uses Isaiah to address the rebellious people of Israel and describe the cleansing and restoration that would be in their future. Today read Isaiah Chapters 1 and 2.

DAY 2  |  Today we will read Isaiah chapter six. This is a short chapter, so take the time to read this chapter slowly. Chapter six is regarded as Isaiah’s commissioning. In this chapter, Isaiah experiences God in all his glory, he is cleansed, and then he responds to God’s concerns by offering himself as a messenger. Today read Isaiah 6

DAY 3  |  Today we will read chapter forty of Isaiah. This chapter is pivotal in the book of Isaiah, and it sets up the rest of the book. This chapter deals directly with the concerns God’s people were going to have when they were carried off to exile. Specifically, he knew they would wonder if God could and would deliver them. Keep that in mind today as you read Isaiah 40

DAY 4  |  Today we will read chapters fifty-two and fifty-three of Isaiah. These chapters are full of prophecies that describe the coming Messiah. Chapter 53 is referenced 35 times in the New Testament regarding Jesus. Keep these things in mind as you read Isaiah chapters 52 and 53 today. 

DAY 5  |  Today we will read chapters fifty-four and fifty-five of Isaiah. These chapters are an invitation to deliverance. In light of the prophecies in chapters fifty-two and fifty-three, God invites Israel back into the relationship with him that began at Mount Sinai. Chapter fifty-five is explicitly a call for them to respond quickly to his invitation.  Today read Isaiah chapters 54 and 55

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