In Not Of – Week 2

After months of campaigning, the election has come to a close. Decisions have been made, and now the real work begins. As followers of Christ, we all have questions and concerns. Fortunately, we also know that God is good and faithful. No matter how we feel about the results of the election, we all have the responsibility to be in prayer for our country and our new leaders.




Take a minute to write your reflections on the following questions:

  1. We read this same passage last week. As you re-read this passage following the election, what phrase jumps out at you? What does this phrase mean for you today?
  1. Read Matthew 6:33-34 and Philippians 4:6. Be honest . . . what worries and fears do you have following the election? As you reflect on these passages and the sermon series we just finished called “Peace,” what is a Biblical response to these fears and worries? What does that mean for you today?
  1. What was your greatest take-away from what Pastor Wayne shared last weekend? How does that take-away apply to your life today? (If you were unable to attend worship last weekend, watch the sermon here.)


Take time this week to continue to pray for our elected officials. Here are some things you can pray for:

  • First thank God for our new leaders, and pray for God’s Holy Spirit to lead and guide them and give them good advisers
  • Pray for their safety and health
  • Pray that they would execute justice
  • Pray that they would follow the Lord’s way and repent if they don’t
  • Pray that they would lead with wisdom and for the betterment of all, not for personal gain

We would love to pray with you! If you have a prayer need, share it with us here.

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